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Taxi booking is one of the largest industries with multi-billion companies already making most out of it. However, the industry needs an application that allows them to compare taxi fares from different service providers and let the users choose the most economical taxi. We build such apps for you, providing you with an opportunity to build a business around it.


Users of taxi fare comparison app may compare the prices of different taxi aggregators like Uber, Lyft, Didi & Ola etc. All they need to do is enter the destination and tap “Compare Price”. Users may also choose selected aggregators, like Uber and Ola, to compare fares.


Along with comparison, the taxi fare comparison application also allows your users to book a taxi directly from your app. Once the fare comparison list is generated, user may tap a taxi he likes and may place the booking directly from your application.


The taxi price comparison app also shows the estimated time of arrival of different aggregators. The in-built function finds the location of nearby taxis of different operators and calculates the time each of them may take to arrive to the user’s location.

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The cab ride fare comparison app works as an “all-in-one” taxi booking app, allowing your users to book taxis of different operators. This allows your users to keep a single application instead of installing apps of different taxi aggregators.


Since most of the taxi aggregators offers surge pricing and these fares vary with different operators, the cab fare comparison app allows your users to find and compare surge pricing. This allows your users to find cheapest taxi during peak hours.


After the Fare Comparison and ETA Comparison list is generated, user of taxi price comparison application may sort the taxis as per the fare and estimated time of arrival. This helps the user to find the cheapest and quickest taxi reachable to him/her.

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    The cab fare comparison application shows all nearby taxis of different aggregators. The advanced feature lets the users to find price and book a taxi by just tapping on the taxi icon closest to the user.


    The cab ride fare comparison application also checks the availability of taxis available nearby, as well as availability of the aggregator in the users’ area. This is highly useful when a taxi appears nearby but not available for new booking.


    Taxi fares changes with every moment as the demand increases. To make sure that your users have to pay exactly what they see, the taxi fare comparison app shows real-time pricing of different aggregators, through an interactive chart.


    The taxi price comparison app shows fare comparison chart of all vehicle types like basic vehicle, luxury vehicle, bike, auto, etc. User may choose to compare prices of different vehicle types of an aggregator or a same vehicle type of different aggregators.


    Users may book multiple taxis at once using your cab fare comparison app. Users may book more than one taxi for different destinations and from different aggregators or even from a single aggregator.


    Once registering with your cab ride fare comparison app, users do not need to register with different aggregators individually. Even if they wish to book a taxi from Uber or Ola, they do not have to create separate account if they are registered with your app.


    If a booked taxi takes more time than expected, the taxi fare comparison application sends a notification to the user about the delay and provides other options that may reach the users in lesser time.


    Since most of the aggregators have their fixed-fare zones like Railway Station to Airport etc, the taxi price comparison application also show the list of fare comparison between fixed rate zones offered by different aggregators.


    You may partner with unlimited aggregators and add all those to your cab fare comparison application. This increases the reach, user-base and expands your business by making more money through booking.


    After booking a taxi from any aggregator, your cab ride fare comparison application users may pay for their ride within your app. The app comes with an in-built wallet that your users may use to pay. Other payment options include Credit/Debit Cards, eWallets, Netbanking etc.


    Provide your users with extra safety while booking a taxi through your taxi fare comparison app. Since the application works with only reputed and trustworthy aggregators, your users may rest assured about their safety.


    The taxi price comparison app keeps track of drivers’ payouts and generates reports on monthly basis. There is an option of selecting drivers from different aggregators, making it easy for you to pay the drivers.


    The cab fare comparison app takes just a few seconds to gather fares of different operators and prepare the chart. Also, booking the taxi is very fast and easy compared to other apps, requiring just a couple of taps on the screen.


    The cab ride fare comparison app shows real-time location of the taxis near you, before even you book. Once booked, the app shows live location of the taxi so your users may see the taxi as it arrives.


    With in-built GPS and Wi-Fi location access, the taxi fare comparison application finds exact location of your users. This means, your users won’t have to enter their location manually. This also gives precise comparison of fares.


    Users may set their personal location in the taxi price comparison application, like Home Address, Office Address, Airport and other locations that they frequently travel to. This lets the users quickly set their location without entering the address again and again.

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