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Pr Shots

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PRShots is a single source of PR photography and publicity material from hundreds of leading brands. Thousands of assets, all in one place, ready to downloaded whenever you need them.

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Key Challenges

Large Image Galary

Huge User Database

Plan & Solutions

Since PRShots has centralised content from over 160 of the world's best fashion brands connected to over 50,000 journalists, bloggers, influencers and designers, we planned our way to keep navigation and search function as simple as possible.

Other big challenge was to make the website a platform where users could get some recognition by branding, we focused on elegance of the website to attract a large user base. Currently, some of the brands on PRShots achieve over 5,000 downloads per month. These go on to feature in national, regional, trade, consumer and online press, and generate editorial value in excess of £4 million per month.


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